Do You Really Need a Blog?

So, you’ve had a website for a few years but you haven’t updated it since the beginning. You don’t seem to be getting a lot of leads from your site but it serves its purpose of displaying your content and providing information about your business. Can your website create leads that convert to sales? Absolutely!  One of the ways to achieve this is through a blog. We will cover the 5 reasons why you need a blog on your website.

So, why should you take the time to write blog posts? I’ve seen firsthand how regular content updates (blog posts) can increase traffic to your site. It’s all about satisfying the Google algorithm and providing good quality content for your visitors. If you are tracking your website visitors with Google Analytics you can see the effects of blogging for yourself.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Blog on Your Website


1). A Blog Improves your SEO and Drives Traffic to your Site.

So, how does this work? Google is the largest search engine in the world. When someone searches for a product or service like yours, Google uses an algorithm to decide which websites to show them. In order to remain in Google’s good graces, you must provide fresh content that is relevant to your site’s visitors.  By creating regular blog posts with quality information, you will improve your SEO (Search engine optimization) and drive more traffic to your site.

2). Writing Fresh Content for Your Website can be Fun!

If you truly enjoy what you do (and I sincerely hope you do) then you can have fun sharing your knowledge and wisdom. You probably have a lot more crystalized knowledge about your products or services than you think and it can be very enjoyable and fulfilling to write about it and engage with your audience. If writing isn’t your thing, consider hiring someone to write for you. This is one of the services that we offer.

3). Blogging can Provide Valuable and Educational Content.

Reading well-written blog posts is often the best way to learn about a topic. When you share your expertise,  you are truly helping your audience and the world at large with educational and enlightening material. Readers love to hear about your products and services and why you offer them. Blogging is a great way to connect with your existing and potential customers

4). Blog Posts can Steer Potential Customers into Sales Funnels.

You can write a blog post specifically to pique your audience’s interest in a product or service you offer. For instance, if you have a wellness center and you want to sell more packages for your Pilates classes, you can write a blog post all about the benefits of Pilates, and include a CTA (call to action) that leads the visitor to a sign-up form.

5). Your Posts Can Make Great Shareable Content for Social Media.

Are you always wondering what you’re going to post about this week, and more importantly how your social media posts can lead to more sales? Once your blog post is published, you can share the link across your social media platforms. This will drive your social media audience to your website with the potential of converting them into sales. In reverse, folks who read your blog post will often visit your social media to learn more about you. So, it’s a win-win!


Improving SEO, driving more traffic to your site, having fun sharing your knowledge, converting more visitors into sales and last but not least, providing helpful information to your audience are the 5 reasons why you should have a blog on your website.

In summary, blogging is well worth your time and investment. If you don’t have the time to create a blog and write your posts, consider hiring a content writer to help you. The energy you put into your blog will give you a solid return!